Anchor Handling Simulator

Categories: 11 May 2012

Together with our partner OSC (Offshore Simulator Centre, Norway) we have delivered real-time interactive applications and 3D visuals for Offshore Anchor Handling simulators located all over the world. Companies using these simulators are, amongst others, Rolls Royce, Farstad Shipping and Bourbon.

Simulator purpose

The simulators are used to train crewmembers to operate safely in hazardous offshore environments. Training is focused around teamwork. Deck personnel, winch operators, ROV operators, crane operators and navigators all playing their (or each others) role in the simulation.

Simulator setup

A typical simulator setup consists of a 360-degree panoramic view of the simulation, a bridge house with actual controls and layout of an offshore vessel. Additionally there are one or more deck personnel, crane, winch and ROV stations. A live feed of the simulation can be seen in the de-briefing room where spectators can watch the progress of the operations in real-time.

For the Anchor Handling simulators Ivory Lake provides the real-time 3D visuals and the interactive personnel stations. Image correction and edge blending on the large panoramic displays and domes is done using our product, EVEN. Features of the visual system are amongst others, realistic simulation and rendering of weather (rain, snow, fog, clouds), ocean, wires and chains.

Training Centers around the world

  • Offshore Training Centre – Ă…lesund, Norway
  • BOURBON Training Centre – Marseilles, France
  • BOURBON Training Center – Singapore, Asia
  • Farstad Shipping Offshore Simulation Centre – Perth, Australia
  • Rolls Royce Marine Norsk Maritimt Kompetansesenter (NMK), Ă…lesund, Norway


OSC Photo Dome