Cutter Dredger Simulator

Categories: 11 May 2012

Ivory Lake has developed a Cutter Suction Dredger simulator for Van Oord. Van Oord is a leading international contractor specialising in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects. The simulator is based on the Athena, one of the world’s largest self-propelled Cutter Suction Dredgers.

Simulator purpose

Using the simulator, operators can increase their level of efficiency in dredging production without the need of a real platform. In addition to increasing efficiency, new crewmembers use the simulator to get familiarized with the on-board systems and controls.

Simulator setup

The simulator consists of a large 4-meter stretched dome on which 6 projectors display a seamless panoramic image of the virtual world. Image correction and edge blending is done using our product, EVEN. By using real-time data from Van Oord’ advanced mathematical soil model we were able to accurately visualize the seabed on which the dredging exercise is performed. Features of the visual system are amongst others, realistic simulation and rendering of weather (rain, snow, fog, clouds), ocean and wires.

For Van Oord, Ivory Lake has proven to be their one-stop-shop for a full simulator solution, being able to deliver integration with the Van Oord systems, 3D visuals and the advanced display solution.


Athena Video