Crane Simulator

Categories: 10 Dec 2012

In close co-operation with our partner OSC (Offshore Simulator Centre, Norway) we have provided real time 3D visuals and interactive personnel stations for  OSC’s Crane Simulators. The simulators are deployed to training centers around the world and are used to train various aspects of offshore lifting operations.

Simulator purpose

If time is money then this is especially true for Offshore Operations. To prepare crane operators, riggers, and banksman in a cost effective way, they need to spend quite some time in training. Normally this is done on the real platform which introduces risks and is also expensive since the real operations are slowed down. This is where simulation comes in and immediately reduces risk and increases efficiency.

Specialists can exercise various hazardous scenarios from extreme weather to equipment fault situations. Not only are the members trained in their individual task, they will also need to co-operate as a team to complete the different cases and missions presented in the simulators.

The simulator is highly flexible allowing rig-to-vessel lifting operations but also vessel-to-vessel. The simulator can also be adapted  relatively easy for special training needs and customer specific lifting operations.

Simulator setup

A typical crane simulator setup consists of a projection dome in which an actual crane cabin and operator chair are installed. By using a dome as a projection surface the crane operator has a full view of the scene. Using a real crane cabin greatly enhances the experience due to the parallax effect when looking out of the cabin windows into the ‘outside world’.

Next to the crane operator station there are optionally stations for deck personnel. These stations can be configured on a LCD display or on a large projection surface.